Pharmacy Technology: What You Need to Know

The healthcare industry is always evolving. New medications and solutions are constantly being developed to optimize your patient’s health in new and innovative ways. In the same way, pharmacy technology helps you take your work to the next level. Whether we’re talking about pharmacy software (such as PioneerRx), artificial intelligence, or pharmacy automation, pharmacy technology is constantly evolving. The constant change in technology means new and plentiful ways to care for your patients. What’s more, they can help increase your pharmacy’s profits. Here’s what you need to know about current pharmacy technology.

Why You Should Embrace New Pharmacy Technology 

One of the key determinants of a pharmacy’s success is its ability to adapt to new situations. This applies to multiple levels of pharmacy work. You need to adapt to any and all workflow changes throughout the day, whether that be the morning/evening rush or a technician calling in sick.

Thinking on your feet is an absolute necessity in assuring your pharmacy’s long-term success.

Then we get to the tech side of things. Pharmacies are expected to be modern examples of what the healthcare industry is all about. That means the latest and greatest in vaccines, clinical services, and other avenues of patient care — and it all ties back to technology.

Embracing new pharmacy technology offers new avenues for patient care. A wider array of vaccines, more advanced clinical services, and more testing programs ensures that your pharmacy is truly taking care of your patients.

It’s no secret that patient care goes beyond putting pills in a vial, and pharmacy technology is an essential tool in caring for the whole patient.

Check out episodes from the Beyond the Scripts Podcast to learn how you can expand your patient care reach beyond the traditional sell-and-fill model.

Artificial Intelligence

Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence is here to stay. AI is the latest technological advancement that will change nearly all aspects of work and even everyday life.

AI has the potential to transform the pharmacy industry. From analyzing vast datasets that expedite drug development to identifying potential drug interactions, AI can enhance your workflow like never before.

AI-driven systems can predict medication demand, ensuring efficient inventory management. Virtual assistants and chatbots powered by AI engage patients, providing medication information and reminders, which improves adherence.

AI also personalizes treatment by analyzing genetic and health data. As we become more familiar with it, AI can revolutionize your pharmacy’s workflow, changing how we approach patient care.

Educational Technology

Pharmacy technology not only shapes the future of patients’ health journeys but it also shapes the future generation of pharmacists. With the constant innovations in technology, education technology is going through an intriguing change.

As mentioned earlier, AI has and will continue to play an important role in the pharmacy industry. Before long, pharmacy students will know firsthand the power of artificial intelligence.

Several pharmacy schools are offering courses focused on how they can utilize AI to improve their practice. For example, the University of Florida is integrating AI into its curriculum, stating that they are “training the next generation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to leverage AI in the workforce.”

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