Why Communication Is Important in Pharmacy Leadership

Communication is key in the pharmacy industry. Whether you’re talking to patients, doctors, or wholesalers, communication is vital to your pharmacy’s success and reputation. This goes double for pharmacists, where you’re managing a group of techs and clerks. Effective leadership communication is an essential part of team development. It’s important enough to maintain a strong patient base, but let’s look at the other side of the counter. Let’s examine how you can excel at effective leadership communication at your pharmacy.

What is Effective Leadership Communication? 

Indeed defines leadership communication as “an effective leader’s method of communicating and socializing with their team members and their company’s executives.”

Effective leadership communication takes place within all facets of pharmacy work, whether you’re on the pharmacy floor or having one-on-one performance reviews.

Every word you say — even down to the inflection — can deescalate a situation or worsen it, so make sure you are impeccable with your leadership communication.

Benefits of Effective Leadership Communication

The benefits of effective leadership communication are self-explanatory. Good communication begets a steady and effective workflow, which benefits you, your staff, and your patients.

Effective leadership communication also reinforces team building. Constructive criticism, deserved bits of praise, and clear communication all create a mutual understanding among your team.

In turn, this further strengthens your pharmacy’s workflow, with each team member knowing what a particular situation requires.

Effective leadership communication gives your staff a clear direction to strive for. Clearly communicating your expectations and objectives is a much greater comfort than cryptic or ambiguous communication.

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